Model driven development using VDM++ and UML 2
Q4, Spring 2010
Computer Technology and Embedded Systems
Engineering College of Aarhus
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These pages contain information on the course "Model driven development using VDM++ and UML 2" (with the acronym TIVDM2) that will be held in the fourth quarter Spring 2010 at the Engineering College of Aarhus in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. This is an extension of a course called "Model driven development using VDM++ and UML 1" (with the acronym TIVDM1) held in the third quarter Spring 2010.

VDM is an acronym for the Vienna Development Method which is a method used to describe precisely what the functionality shall be like before it is considered how is shall be implemented. VDM++ is an object-oriented modeling language that is used to make precise models that can be validated for their correctness. During the TIVDM courses the students will be modeling and validating different systems using models expressed in a combination of UML and VDM++ at different levels of abstraction.

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