Development of Communication Protocols
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Engineering College of Aarhus

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Week 35

Introduction & Course Overview
Course Presentation
Course Schedule


+ Exercise I

+ Fundamentals of Computer Networks

  • Circuit Switching vs. Packet Switching
  • Connection-Oriented vs. Connectionless rks
  • Communication Protocol Stacks in Action

+ Standardization Organisations

  • IETF, 3GPP, ETSI, BlueTooth SIG, ZigBee

+ Fundamentals of protocols in multi-service networks

  •     Layers of communication
  •     Vertical communication
  •     Horizontal communication

+ Protocol specifications in Real

  • 3GPP Long Term Evolution PDCP Specification
  • ETSI DECT Network Layer Specification
  • ZigBee Specification
  • IETF RFC 793 - Transmission Control Protocol

+ Exercise 2


DECT Network Layer Specification:

..\Course Material\en_30017505v020201p.pdf

ZigBee Specification:

..\Course Material\1_053474r17ZB_TSC-ZigBee-Specification.pdf

TCP Specification:

..\Course Material\rfc793.pdf



Week 36

Protocol Syntax & Encoding  


+ Solutions for Exercise II

+ Standard Notations for data structures and messages

  • Motivation
  • Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1)
  • ASN.1 Syntax
  • ASN.1 Encoding Rules
  • ASN.1 Tool Vendors

+ ASN.1 in Real

  • UMTS
  • Long-Term Evolution (3.9G)

+ Exercise 3


ASN.1 free books:

..\Course Material\ASN1_Dubuisson_pdf\ASN1dubuisson.pdf

..\Course Material\ASN1_Complete_pdf\ASN1_Complete.pdf


ASN.1 Tool Vendors

Free ASN.1 to C compiler:

LTE RRC Specification:

..\Course Material\LTE RRC.doc

Week 37

Text-based Encoding

+ Standard Notations for data structures and messages

  • Augmented Backus-Naur Format (ABNF)
  • Text-based encoding vs. binary encoding

+ ABNF in Real

  • Session Initiation Protocol (RFC )
  • HTTP (RFC )

+ Exercise 4


ABNF Specification:

..\Course Material\RFC5234.pdf


SIP Specification:

..\Course Material\RFC3261.pdf

Week 38

Object-Oriented approach to protocol design

+ Designing protocols using patterns

  • Protocol Layer Design Pattern
  • Protocol Packet Design Pattern
  • Protocol Stack Design Pattern
  • Receive Protocol Pattern
  • Transmit Protocol Pattern
  • State Pattern
  + Exercise V
Protocol Design Patterns:


Articles about Protocol Design:

..\Course Material\ProtocolStackDevelopment.pdf

..\Course Material\Reentrancy in Protocol Stacks.pdf

..\Course Material\Efficiently Coding Communication Protocols in C++.pdf


Week 39

Protocol Testing


+ Testing Protocols


+ Abstract Conformance Testing Framework


+ Test & Testing Control Notation (TTCN) 

  • Motivation
  • The Syntax
  • Usage

+ Exercise VI


Conformance Testing with TTCN:

..\Course Material\Conformance Testing with TTCN.pdf

Word version of Exercise VI:

..\Course Material\TIUDPK Exercise VI.doc


Week 40

Company visit.

Tieto visit onsdag den 30. september kl. 9 ved

Skanderborgvej 232,

8260 Viby J




Week 41

Designing application based on TCP or UDP

+ The internet protocols TCP and UDP

+ Socket programming

+ Application Design

+ Questions & Repetition