Examination of System Engineering Methods, Notations and Tools
Q3, Spring 2007
Computer Technology and Embedded Systems
Engineering College of Aarhus

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Course description

The aim of this study group is to explore the usability of different methods, notations and tools for system engineering of complete embedded and distributed systems (combinations where both hardware and software are present). It is intended that the attendees of the study group shall acquire an overview of the different alternative approaches used in the area of model-based system engineering. An additional subgoal of the study group is that the attendees shall gain an ability to evaluate pros and cons with different alternative approaches from a methodological, a notational and a tools point of view.

The Exploration

For the chosen technique for system engineering each group shall learn about the method, the notation and the tool support and present the insight gained to the other members of the study group. In addition each group must apply the chosen technology for a small case study and the success of doing that will also be included in the presentation. The case studies shall be rather small but there will be a preference for examples that can be related to the "healthcare at home" project currently undertaken at IHA. After all the presentations have been provided for the entire study group a report (in article format) shall be produced by each group. This report shall provide appropriate pointers to the relevant literature and evaluated pros and cons of the chosen technology. Finally the report shall put the chosen technology in perspective with the technologies presented by the other groups with focus on similarities and differences. If any of the reports get to a sufficiently high standard it will afterwards be considered to turn it into a paper that can be submitted for publication at an appropriate conference.


This course contains an exploration of the following technologies:

Education form

In this course there will be very few lectures and they will be given by all the attendees of the study group in turn.


A pass/no pass graduation will be made by the teacher judged on active participation in the study group and the products that must be delivered by each group during the course (two presentations and a report). This will take place in room 424 on the 26th of March 2007 starting at 8:00 with up to half an hour per participant. Since Shekib Habbassy has chosen to leave the course the order will be as follows:

Presenter Subject Reviewer
Martin Kjeldsen SCADE Rasmus Ask Sørensen
Lars Sarbæk Kristiansen SCADE Jasper Moltke Nygaard
Brian Gram Møller AUTOSAR Lars Sarbæk Kristiansen
Jasper Moltke Nygaard AADL Martin Kjeldsen
Rasmus Ask Sørensen AADL Brian Gram Møller

It will be possible to attend others presentations assuming that the subject is not one which you will subsequently be either a reviewer or presenter.

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