Distributed Real-Time Systems


Drawing tools:  

Ideogramic: www.ideogramic.com
Whiteboard supported UML tool for developing UML models.
A very good tool to support cooperative UML modeling on a whiteboard with PC interface and PC projector. The tool can also be used on a PC. The danish company Ideogramic has donated a version to IHA to be used in student UML based projects at IHA. The IHA version does not require any licence key and can only be used on IHA (check via IP addresses). The Ideogramic tool can be installed from T:\MODUL\TI-IRTS\

Working groups can use Ideogramic in class room 424 and room 512 at IHA (outside the scheduled lecture times).
Class room 424 and class room 512 is equipped with a whiteboard, a whiteboard interface called ToolTribe, a Computer Projector and Ideogramic installed on the PC.

Visio2000: www.visio.com (Visio2000 exists at IHA as a NAL-installation)

CASE tools:

Rhapsody 7.1 development edition (released july 2007) - Bruce Powel Douglass' own tool from the company Telelogic www.telelogic.com (earlier www.ilogix.com)
This is a very advanced Case tools with code generation and model simulation facilitites. Rhapsody is dedicated to modelling of Real-Time systems.
IHA has a University license with 30 concurrent seats of this tool. 
Rhapsody 7.1 can be installed from the Start-menu. 

Rational Rose: www.rational.com and www.rationalrose.com
Rational Rose exists in two very different versions - the normal Rational Rose UML tool and the Rational-Rose Real-Time version dedicated to development of Real-Time systems (this version is partly based on the ObjecTime tool supporting the ROOM methodology).

Together: www.togethersoft.com

Visio 2000:  www.visio.com

ClassBuilder: members.lycos.nl/JimmyVenema/ClassBuilder/ClassBuilder.htm
Freeware CASE-tool with code generation from UML to C++.

An open source project on sourceforge see: sourceforge.net/projects/classbuilder