ENG Computer Vision Lab 
- Lectures and Presentations 
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10:00 am
Room 529 (DA2)
  1. Daniel Siboska and Martin Nordahl (MSc project)
  2. Anders K. Mortensen, Mikkel K. Hansen and Pavel Lisouski (BSc project)
  1. "Development of a generalized statistical model of respiration induced heart motion and deformation for use with cardiac MRI" Abstract Presentation
  2. "inSpot - Intelligent SpotlightAbstract Presentation
10:00 am
Room 101 (Edison)
  1. Kim A. Steen (from current PhD project, ENG, AU)
  2. Morten S. Laursen (from current PhD project, SDU)
  1. "Video-based Detection of Goose Behaviours" / "Automatic Detection of Animals during Mowing Operations using Thermal Imaging" Abstract
  2. "MoDiCoVi - MOnocot and DIcot Coverage ratio VIsion based method for real time estimation canopy coverage ratio between cereal crops and dicotyledon weeds" Abstract

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