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bulletCourse overview
bulletWork load

Course Overview

This course is handled as 100% distance learning. The total course MSD1 is made up of the following parts:

bulletCompulsory parts
bulletIT, how to use this web site, 2 assignments.
bulletMatLab, concludes with 1 assignment
bulletModeling, concludes with 3 assignments
bulletSimulink, concludes with 3 assignments
bulletCST or Control, concludes with 3 assignments
bulletNumerical Metods, concludes with 1 assignment
bulletOptional assignments
bulletYou have to choose 3 out of 9 assignments
bulletIn groups of 2-3 students  you choose a topic and write a report about this final project  

All assignments are sent by e-mail to your supervisor. Under normal circumstances you can expect a response on your e-mails with in 2 working days. 

Here is an overview of the theoretical modules and the assignments:











Work load

The course is rated to 5 credit units in the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) equivalent to a work load of 140 hours and it takes at least 8 weeks. If, on the other hand, you have not completed the course in 5 months, you fail the course.



This course is approved if all the assignments and the report on your final project is approved.

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