This web based course in Matlab consists of this introduction and 5 lessons with exercises.


Lesson 1
Managing the very basics
Lesson 2
One-dimensional arrays and graphics
Lesson 3
Matrices and vectors
Lesson 4
Using script files in MatLab
Lesson 5
Programming in Matlab

The objectives for this lesson is to get you started with Matlab, making a few calculations and closing down Matlab again

The objectives for this lesson is to learn how to create one-dimensional arrays, vectors and do mathematical operations on these. 2-D plot is introduced.

The objectives for this lesson is to learn more about arrays in general, manipulating, indexing and special matrix functions
The objectives for this lesson is to learn how to create, write and save script files in Matlab The objectives for this lesson is to learn how to build and execute function files in MatLab

Some windows can differ slightly from what is present in your version of Matlab.

It is an assumption that you do have access to Matlab and the toolboxes Simulink and Control System.
If you are a student at The Engineering College of Aarhus, they will support you with the necessary resources.   Otherwise the supervisor will advise you about how to get access, whether your present version can be used, how to buy a student version, how to install etc. 

The best and most complete documentation and tutorial you will find at the accompanying Help which is a part of your Matlab installation. Just press F1 with you Matlab window active or choose Help in the toolbar.

Take a look at The MathWorks: where you will find all kind of extra resources including:  Newsgroups, File and Link exchange, Textbooks etc.

This tutorial will guide you though the parts which is necessary for solving assignments included in this course of modeling and simulating dynamic systems

Links: is a link to search the internet for tutorials  Matlab Tutorials, MATLAB Primer  MATLAB Educational Sites  Tutorial for Matlab, the Simulink part not finished yet   A tutorial

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