Note: All books used in this Linux-Course are free books


 The Linux
 Documentation Project


 Machtelt Garrels
 "Introduction to Linux - A Hands on Guide"

 Machtelt Garrels
 "Bash Guide for Beginners"  Guide/html/index.html

 Mendel Cooper
 "Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide"

 Lars Wirzenius, Joanna Oja, Stephen Stafford,
 and Alex Weeks
 "The Linux System Administrators' Guide"

 Peter Jay Salzman, Michael Burian, Ori Pomerantz
 "The Linux Kernel Module Programming Guide"

Olaf Kirch, Terry Dawson
 "Network Administration User Guide"

Gareth Anderson
 "GNU/Linux Command-Line Tools Summary" -Summary/html/index.html

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 DevKit8000 Users Manual
 (Users Manual in .PDF-format - see "File sharing")

 Mark Mitchell,
 Jeffrey Oldham
 Alex Samuel


 Mark Mitchell, Jeffrey Oldham, and Alex Samuel
 "Advanced Linux Programming"

 (Free book in .PDF-format)




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 Alessandro Rupini,
 Jonathan Corbet,
 Greg Kroah-Hartman


 Jonathan Corbet, Alessandro Rubini, and
 Greg Kroah-Hartman
 "Linux Device Drivers, 3nd Edition"

 (Free book in .PDF-format)



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 IHA's DevKit8000 Wiki

 Ubuntu Linux