ET-ALA:  Applied Linear Algebra


Welcome to the homepage for our summer course in applied linear algebra. Until the course page on Blackboard is ready, all necessary information will be posted on this page. You sign up for the course in the same way as for your other elective courses in the fall.


The course starts Monday 31st of July, 2017 and runs daily from 9.15-13.00 for 3 weeks. The 3 hour written exam (open book, all standard aids allowed) is planned for week 34, probably Wednesday 23th or Thursday 24th of August . The lecture hall for the course is probably the big auditorium in the Shannon building, also known as 013A-S, 009C-S. You can see the building on the map here:



The textbook for the course is David C. Lay: Linear Algebra and Its Applications, 5th edition, Pearson. You can buy the book in Teknisk Boglade. Please place your orders as soon as possible to ensure your copy is available when the course starts.


We'll use MATLAB for most of the tedious calculations. If you haven't already installed MATLAB you can do so through:


If you want to read ahead during the holiday the plan is to cover the following chapters in the book:


2.1-2.3 + 2.7



5.1-5.3 + 5.5 + 5.7



You can find an overwhelming amount of information, video lectures, online textbooks, demos etc., on the web which can help you learn linear algebra. Two of the better places to start are and


If all students are fluent in Danish, the course will be given in Danish. Otherwise the language will be English.


Jakob Juul Larsen ( , office 210E