Course description

Course parameters

Course objectives

Course participants will after the course have obtained insight into selected areas of the problems that are associated with the construction and verification of distributed IT-systems.


The course touches upon subjects within the area of test of distributed systems, such as the possibilities of establishing of a common, global time reference in distributed systems with an eye towards verification of temporal characteristics/predicates, and the possibilities of verifying predicates concerning global state of distributed systems. In that context, we will explore the possibilities of using tools that, based on formal methods and models, can help verify features distributed systems.


Familiarity with basic test methods and tools such as unit test and unit test frameworks, mocks and tools for automatic generation of mock objects, integration test and test coverage concepts.


Steen Krøyer

Type of course / teaching methods

Lectures/exercises (4h/week)




Articles and notes (all available from course web page).


May-June, re-examination after appointment with lecturer.

Course provider

Aarhus School of Engineering (ASE).

Learning outcomes and objectives

The participants must at the end of the course be able to:


Oral exam (20 min) without preparation, 7-scale, internal examiner.