Specifications of IT Systems


These pages contain information on the course "Specification of IT Systems" (with the acronym TISPIT1U01) that will be held in the third quarter Spring 2014 by Department of Engineering in room 416 in the Edison building (Finlandsgade 22) on the Katrinebjerg Campus. The participants will after the course have insight into different techniques for writing specifications and modelling IT systems and their environments. The working method of the course will train the participants in practice to read and write specifications and to make explicit assumptions about the context in which the system is to be used. Finally the relationship between requirements and specifications will be explored.

The learning objectives of the course are that the participants must at the end of the course be able to:

          Compare alternative templates for requirements specification

          Describe, compare, discuss and judge specification techniques,

          Describe tendering processes and their components,

          Compare alternative requirement elicitation techniques,

          Write specifications.

This course will be managed and operated using the CampusNet system.