Microphone Array Signal Processing

Reading course at Aarhus University, Department of Engineering


Study plan

The course will run in Q2, October-December 2014. The exact schedule will be agreed upon between the course participants.


Week A and B:
  • Chapter 1 "Introduction"
  • Chapter 2 "Classical Optimal Filtering"
  • Matlab demos
  • Get MOTU operational
Week C and D:
  • Chapter 3 "Conventional Beamforming Techniques"
  • Experimental setup operational
  • Matlab implementations
Week E:
  • Chapter 5 "Noise Reduction with Multiple Microphones: a Unified Treatment"
  • Matlab implementations
Week F:
  • Chapter 6 "Noncausal (Frequency Domain) Optimal Filters"
  • Matlab implementations
Week G:
  • Chapter 7 "Microphone Arrays from a MIMO Perspective"
  • Chapter 10 "Unaddressed Problems"
  • Matlab implementations



Course description

The goal of the course is to give the participants an insight into the fundamentals of microphone array signal processing. The main part of the course is devoted to the material covered by the textbook. The course also contains an important experimental  part where students gain working knowledge of microphone arrays through acquisition of audio signals with Audiolab equipment and subsequent processing of the signals in Matlab using algorithms from the textbook.

Contact Jakob Juul Larsen, jjl@eng.au.dk for further information or to sign up.

Course participants

  • Xiaohui Ma
  • Teacher: Jakob Juul Larsen




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Course responsible: Jakob Juul Larsen