Study Course Plan Q1 ‘14: Security in 4G/LTE Cellular Networks

LTE Security 2nd Ed. (Forsberg, Horn / WILEY)

Rune Hylsberg Jacobsen, Aarhus School of Engineering


Cell Concept
Structure of Cellular Networks


Individual Final Report (Mandatory)
Conference Paper (Optional)
Excercise Sheets #1 (M), #2 (O)

Week 1

Chapters 1&2 + Additional Paper(s)

Week 2

Chapters 3&4
Meeting with Supervisor

Week 3

Chapters 3&4 + Additional Paper(s)
Excercise 1: Investigation abt LTE in MANETs (LTE-Direct). May it be useful or an utopia?

Week 4

Chapters 6&7
Interview with Sector Professionals: Problems, solutions and future plans.
Student Meeting

Week 5

Chapters 11&12
Excercise 2: Setting up an LTE network and testing simple security cases using a simulator tool.

Week 6

Chapter 13
Meeting with Supervisor
Excercise 3: Optional excercise. TBA later by supervisor or students.

Week 7

Chapter 15
Student Meeting

*All attendants are responsible from all the chapters stated above. However, they may focus in specific ones and may reflect that choice to the final report.