Communications Technology Specialization package


The specialization package within Communications Technology aims to provide students with skills in advanced communication solutions with a focus on wireless and Internet technology. The specialization package concerns with communication architectures and protocols at various levels and students will be trained in analyzing and using communications technology for computer-based systems. In the course "Advanced Digital Wireless Communications", students will be introduced to the specialized use and processing of digital signals to ensure a robust and secure wireless communication. In the course: "Advanced Embedded Sensor Networks" the students will be working with wireless sensors and actuators to provide an energy-efficient and robust network. Finally, the course "Wireless IP and Internet of Things" adds a future Internet perspective to the wireless communication network.

Courses in package

The package consists of the following 3 courses:


Fall, Q1 + Q2


Students enrolled in the Compouter Engineering program, with special interest in Communications Systems and Technology can enroll the package. You must have qualifications conforming to a standard basic bachelor ee-program. The courses in the package will prerequisite the basic bachelor course in Wireless Communication Systems (ittks) and the course in Fixed Networks and Internetworking Protocols (itifn) or simular. 

Packages responsible

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