Distributed Systems Specialization package


The specialization package in Distributed Systems is a software package focusing on development of distributed systems, where some of these systems are embedded systems. The package will teach software architecture and design of distributed dependable systems and presents patterns for building client/server as well as peer to peer communication. This is supplemented with teaching different middleware technologies and communication protocols for dependable distributed systems. The last course in the package “Advanced Pervasive Computing” covers the application site for example by covering context-aware and location dependent systems.

Courses in package

The package consists of the following 3 courses:


Fall, Q1 + Q2


Students enrolled in the Computer Engineering program, with special interest in design of distributed systems can enroll the packages. You must have qualifications conforming to a standard basic bachelor ict-program. It is advantages to have a basic knowledge of object-oriented development techniques in an object-oriented language e.g. C++. It is advantages to have followed a course at the bachelor level in “Object-oriented Network Communication” or a corresponding knowledge about basic techniques for distributed systems.

Packages responsible

Finn Overgaard Hansen: foh@iha.dk