Signal Processing Specialization package


The specialization package in signal processing focuses on selected important topics that are basic to modern signal processing. The course in “signal processing and analysis, deals with advanced signal processing techniques for filtering and analysis of signals in 1D. In the course “non-linear signal processing and pattern recognition”, modern techniques for analysis of signals and data is presented, including pattern recognition and machine learning techniques. The course in computer vision focuses on techniques enabling a computer to "see" and "analyze" the outside world.


Courses in package

The package consists of the following 3 courses:



Spring, Q3 + Q4



Students enrolled Electrical Engineering Program or studenst in the Compouter Engineering program, with special interest in Signal and Image Processing can enroll the packages. You must have qualifications conforming to a standard basic bachelor ee-program in in signal processing and analysis and mathematics to follow the courses "Advanced Digital Signal Processing" and "Non-linear Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition". It is advantageous to have completed a basic bachelor course in image proceeding to attend the course in computer vision. 

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