Embedded Real-time Systems Specialization package

Embedded Real-time Systems


The specialization package in Embedded Real-time Systems is a software package focusing on the development of complex embedded systems often controlling critical functionality. The package will teach software architecture and design as well as formal modelling and validation of these types of systems. This is supplemented with theories and techniques for hardware/software co-design, where the functionality is allocated on configurable embedded platforms e.g. FPGAs with soft cores, where the functionality can be implemented in software on the embedded processor or in the digital hardware part programmed via VHDL code.

Courses in package

The package consists of the following 3 courses:


Spring, Q3 + Q4


Students enrolled in the Information Technology program, with special interest in modeling and design of embedded systems can enroll the packages. You must have qualifications conforming to a standard basic bachelor ict-program or ee-program. It is advantages to have a basic knowledge of object-oriented development techniques in an object-oriented language e.g. C++. To attend the course in “Hardware/software Co-design of Embedded Systems” it is advantageous to have completed bachelor courses in “Digital System Design with FPGAs (VHDL)” and “Design of systems on programmable chips”. To follow the course in “Modelling of Mission Critical Systems” it is advantageous to a have knowledge in “Discrete Mathematics” .

Packages responsible

Finn Overgaard Hansen: foh@iha.dk