Software Engineering Specialization package


The specialization package in software engineering focuses on adding competencies in particular in the early phases (specification of IT systems) as well as the late phases (test of distributed systems) of the traditional software development process. This has been chosen because it is in particular these parts that it is difficult to outsource to other countries. In addition to these two courses this specialization package includes a course on programming language paradigms. This course provides valuable insight into other programming language paradigms. This kind of course gives the students a basis that is essential in the future where especially the increased use of multicores is expected to give raise to entirely new paradigms in new programming languages.

Courses in package

The package consists of the following 3 courses:


Spring, Q3 + Q4


Students enrolled in the Computer Engineering program, with special interest in Software Engineering can enroll the package. You must have qualifications conforming to a standard basic bachelor ICT-program in software engineering. It is package will prerequisite to have completed a bachelor course in discrete mathematics or similar to attend the course in test of distributed systems. 

Packages responsible

Peter Gorm Larsen: