Electrical and Computer engineering Packages

Specialization Packages

  1. Distributed Dependable Systems (fall, CE)

  2. Communication Technology (fall, CE)

  3. Software Engineering(spring, CE)

  4. Embedded Real-time Systems (spring, CE)

  5. Digital Signal Processing (spring,EE/CE)

  6. Integrated Electronics (spring EE)

  7. Photonics (fall,EE)

  8. Wearable Electronics (fall, EE)


Mandatory courses

  1. Optimization in ICT and physical systems (fall, EE/CE)

  2. Electronic Hardware System Design (fall, EE)

  3. Software Engineering principles (fall, CE)

  4. Science and Technological  Innovation and Entrepreneurship (fall, EE/CE)

  5. Information theory and coding (spring, CE)

  6. Photonic Engineering Principles (spring, EE)

  7. System Engineering (spring)

  8. Wireless Networks and Electronics (spring)