Aarhus University School of Engineering

IP-based Wireless Communication and Internet of Things (TIIPWI)

Course responsible: Associate Professor Rune H. Jacobsen

Fall (Q2) 2013

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About the course

In this course, I will lecture topics in Wireless IP and Internet of Things. The course will involve reading and reviewing research papers, leading and participating in class discussions, conducting case studies as well as carrying out a mini-project in a selected topic from the course. Each student will be given the task to select a research paper and present its key concepts and conclusions as well as a critical discussion on the scientific methodology applied by the authors.

We will use the textbook "Interconnecting Smart Objects with IP" by Jean-Philippe Vasseur and Adam Dunkels; Morgan Kaufmann (Elsevier) 2010. The book is available from Teknisk Boglade.

In addition, we will read a number of research papers. These papers are available via Statsbiblioteket and can be found from databases such as IEEExplore or ACM Digital Library.

Scheduled classes

Lectures are scheduled on Mondays from 12.15 to 14.00 and on Thursdays from 10.15 to 12.00. The course starts on October 31st (week 44).

Lecture plan

The course consists of 7 lectures, a number of paper review presentations and a number of selected case studies (depending on the number of course participants).

Click here to show the lecture plan. Note that the lecture plan may be subject to changes during the course.


Paper reading and in-class discussion: For several classes,there will be 2-3 research papers assigned to students to be presented and discussed in class. These readings and in-class activities are a key learning tool in this class and so it is very important to keep up with the reading so that you can participatefully in the class.

Paper reviews: Before each class, you will write a short review (1 short summary paragraph + 1 "bright" question) for the paper assigned for that class. Short reviews are due at noon (i.e., at 12.00) the day before class. Send your review by email rhj@iha.dk with the tag TIIPWI in the subject field of the email.

Presentation for in-class discussion: You will be expected to present one of the paper topics and lead the class discussion in one single-lecture (30-45 minutes). As part of this presentation you will be expected to do extra reading on the topic besides the assigned papers. Before your presentation we may meet to discuss your presentation. See the paper by Ann McNeal for some guidelines on how to prepare your presentation.

Reference list

The list that follows summarizes literature used in the course. Numbered references 1, 2, ... etc. are used as part of the lectures and references with letters A, B, ... etc. are candidates for review assignments. The list should be read as being PRELIMINARY. It will be appended with more references during the course.

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As part of the course, student will join effort in small teams and carry out a mini-project. The purpose of the mini-projects is to allow the students to explore and research smart objects' internetworking aspects on their own based on knowledge, tools and methods picked up from the first part of the course.

The process for the mini-projects in the course is described here. This includes a guideline for the project description.

The deadline for submitting the project proposal is 20 December at 12.00.

Mini-projects will be concluded by a report of approximately 10 pages. The deadline for hand-in of the mini-project reports is December 20th at noon. It is prefered that you use pdf-formatted documents and send via email: rhj@iha.dk.

A project report guideline is available here.

You are free to choice your mini-project. However, the topic chosen need to be approved. A tentative list of suggested mini-projects are given below:

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