Architecture & Design of Embedded Real-Time Systems
AREM) Course Schedule Spring 2014 - Q3.

Aarhus University School of Engineering, Edison Building Room E416.

Tuesday 12.15-14.00: Lectures L1, L2 (L1: 12.15-13.00, L2: 13.15-14.00).  
Friday 8.15-12.00:   Lecture L3,
SAP & Exercises (
L3: 8.15-9.00,  SAP: 9.15-10.00 & Exercises: 10.15-12.00).

Lectures L1-L3:  Real-Time Design Patterns (BPD) + research articles and slides
SAP: Student Article Presentation. EXE: Exercises & preparation.
A detailed week plan will during the course be linked to each Week#xLast updated: 21. maj 2014.
Some changes & adjustments will occur during the course.

Learning Objectives:
Design and construct an architecture for an embedded real-time system

- Judge and use design patterns in development of an embedded real-time system

- Validate a given architecture according to fulfilling the requirements

- Explain methods for scheduling and analysis of embedded real-time systems

- Describe and document architecture and design of an embedded real-time system using UML
- Compare and reflect
upon state-of-the-art reserach in software architecture




Course Materials

Week 5 (#1)

T-L1: Course Introduction +
Introduction to Embedded Real-Time Systems


T-L2: Introduction to Design Patterns

BPD chp. 1.6 (p50-53) + chp 3.3+3.4 (p126-136)

F-L3: Architecture, UML and Architecture View Models

BPD chp. 2 page 55-95.
Article: Architectural Blueprints - The "4+1" View Model of Software Architecture,

F-EXE: Formation of study groups and first assignment.
Self-study: BPD Chapter 1: UML repetition & catch up

Article: Software Architectures and Embedded Systems: A match made in heaven?
BPD chp. 1.-1.4.

Week 6 (#2)

T-L1: Software Architecture Styles and Two Part Architecture Model

Article: Designing Event-Controlled Continuous Processing Systems

T-L2: State Machines and implementation techniques

BPD chp.1.4-1.6 + slides

F-L3: State Pattern and State and Command Pattern in collaboration

Article: Executable Object Modeling with Statecharts

F-SAP: Student Article Presentation & discussion 1

SAP Article: The Discipline of Embedded Systems Design

F-EXE: Exercise 1.
Generic State Machine for an Embedded System

Week 7 (#3)

T-L1: Architectural Design Patterns 1:
Subsystem and Component Architecture Patterns

BPD: chp. 4.-4.8 ( p.141-184)

T-L2: Continued


F-L3: Developing Embedded Software before Hardware is available

Industrial lecture from Mj°lner Informatics

F-SAP: Student Article Presentation & discussion 2

SAP Article: Evolving Software Architecture Descriptions of Critical Systems

F-EXE: Exercise 2.
State Pattern + Command in concert

Hand in no. 1: exercise 1+2: 16.02.2014, via campusnet.

Week 8 (#4)

T-L1: BPD: Concurrency Patterns 1 

BPD chp. 5. (p.203-258)

T-L2: Concurrency Patterns - continued + Active Object (POSA2)


F-L3: Leader/Followers (POSA2) + Half sync/half async (POSA2)


F-SAP: Student Article Presentation & discussion 3

SAP Article: The Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method

F-EXE: Exercise 3.
Architecture models and State Pattern implementation of state machines with AND-states

Week 9 (#5)

T-L1: Architectural Design Patterns 2:
Component & Connectors, Component Architecture Patterns and Designing with ports in UML 2.0

Article: Towards a Taxonomy of Software Connectors
BPD: chp. 4.8-5 (p.184-201) +

Article: Architecting Systems With UML 2.0

T-L2: BPD: Resource Patterns

BPD chp. 7.

F-L3: Resource Patterns - continued
Monitor Pattern (POSA2), ScopedLockingIdiom (POSA2)


F-SAP: Student Article Presentation & discussion 4

SAP Article: A Component Model for On-board Software Applications

F-EXE: Exercise 4.
Exercise with concurrency and Strategy pattern for real-time processing


Week 10 (#6)

T-L1: Rate Monotonic Sceduling (RMS) & Rate Montotonic Analysis (RMA)


T-L2: Introduction to and demonstration of a schedulability tool (Times)


F-L3:  Scheduling of asynchronous events: Sporadic server algorithms

Slides +
Article/Report: An Application Level Implementation of the Sporadic Server, SEI report SEI-91-TR-26

F-SAP: Student Article Presentation & discussion 5

SAP Article: Using UML-based Rate Montonic Analysis to Predict Schedulability

F-EXE: Exercise 4. Finalizing exercise 3+4 for hand-in no. 2.
Hand in no. 2: exercise 3+4: 16.03.2014,
via campusnet.


Week 11 (#7)

T-L1: BPD: Memory Patterns

BPD: chp. 6.

T-L2: Memory patterns continued

BPD chp. 6.

F-L3: BPD: Safety and Reliability Patterns

BPD chp. 9.

F-Course summary and presentation of examination questions +
Course evaluation

F-EXE: Finalising exercise 4.