Architecture and Design of Distributed Dependable Systems
ARDI) Student Groups

Pt. 27 participants 7 groups * 3-5 persons, ver.  13.10.2014

Form and assignment for student article presentations and discussions:

Each group must present one reserach paper during the course and must act as opponents for one of the other group presentations.

The article presentation must not exceed 30 minutes, and each member of the group must do a part of the presentation.
The reserach articles can be downloaded via the Course Material page link on the front page (links to campusnet/tiarem/fildeling).
Prepare a slide presentation in advance (link to powerpoint template) and upload the presentation to camusnet/tiardi/fildeling/student folder.

 The article presentation should address the following four issues:

1.    summary of the paper,

2.    strengths of the approach,

3.    weaknesses of the approach, and

4.    relevance to distributed dependable systems

The presentation is followed by a 15 minutes discussion, where the opponent group and the other students ask questions to the group.
In the assigned opponent group each student must prepare two questions in advance.

The presenters and opponents are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the necessary additional background information. 


Group Members


Article Presentation

Opponent Group


  28.8.14 Article 1:
"Streamlining Development of Networked Embedded Systems Using Multiple Paradigms", IEEE Software, Sept-oct. 2010, p.45-52.
Group 4


  4.09.14 Article 3:
"CQML: Aspect-oriented Modeling for Modularizing and Weaving QoS Concerns in Component-based Systems",
16th Annual IEEE International Conference and Workshops on Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, 2009, p. 11-20.
Group 5


  11.09.14 Article 3:
"Designing dynamic reconfiguration for distributed real time embedded systems",10th Annual International Conference on New Technologies of Distributed Systems (NOTERE),  May-June 2010, p. 249-254.
Group 6


  18.09.14 Article 4:
"Service-Oriented Architecture for Distributed Publish/Subscribe Middelware in Electronics Production", IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 2. No. 4, November 2006, p. 281-294.
Group 7


  25.09.14 Article 5:
"The RUNES Middleware for Networked Embedded Systems and its Application in a Disaster Management Scenario", Fifth Annual IEEE Conference on Pervasive Computing and COmmunications (PerCom07), 2007, p. 1-10.
Group 1


  2.10.14 Article 6:
"Improving Software Performance and Reliability with an Archtecture-Based Self-Adaptive Framework", IEEE 34th Annual Computer Software and Application Conference, July 2010, p 72-81.
Group 2


  6.10.14 Article 7:
"Fault Tolerant Approaches for Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems",  IEEE MILCOM Military Communication Conference, 2007, p. 1-8.
Group 3