Architecture and Design of Distributed Dependable Systems
ARDI) Course Schedule Fall 2014, Q1.

Last updated: 04. februar 2015.

Aarhus University, School of Engineering, Finlandsgade 22, Room E416                
Monday (M) 8.15-9.00: Lecture 1 (L1): POSA2
Monday (M) 9.15-10.00: Lecture 2 (L2):
POSA2+ research articles and slides

Monday (M) 10.15-12.00: Track 3 (T3): Exercises & prepartion,

Thursday (T) 12.15-13.00: Lecture 3 (L3): 13.15-14.00: Research articles and slides.
Thursday (T) 13.15-14.00: SAP: Student Article Presentation,

A detailed week plan will during the course be linked to each Week #XNotice: some changes & adjustments to the plan will occur during the course.

Learning Objectives:
- Design and construct an architecture for a distributed dependable system
- Judge and use design patterns in development of distributed dependable system
- Validate a given architecture according to fulfilling the requirements
- Explain and compare different architecture styles for distributed dependable systems
Describe and document the architecture and design of a distributed dependable system using UML
- Compare and reflect upon state-of-the-art research in software architecture for distributed systems



Course Materials

Week  Plan 35 (#1)

M-L1: Course Introduction, Slides
M-L2: POSA2 Introduction Slides
M-L3: POSA2 Wrapper Facade Pattern POSA2: page 47-74
M-T3: Exercises & preparation - Exercise 1: Wrapper Facade pattern  
T-L4: Challenges for developement of distributed system Article: "Middleware Challenges Ahead".
T-SAP: Student article presentation & discussion 1. SAP Article 1.

Week Plan 36 (#2)

M-L1: POSA2: Reactor Pattern POSA2: page 179-214
M-L2: POSA2: Reactor - continued
M-T3: Exercises & preparation.
Exercise 2: Reactor pattern used in a PC server application
T-L3: Distribution paradigms - publish/subscribe systems Article: "The Many Faces of Publish/Subscribe".
T-SAP: Student article presentation & discussion 2. SAP Article 2.

Week Plan 37 (#3)

M-L1: POSA2: Acceptor/Connector Pattern POSA2: page 285-322
M-L2: POSA2: Acceptor/Connector Pattern - continuted
M-T3: Exercises & preparation.
Exercise 3: Reactor pattern - PC client + server application
T-L3: Validation and documentation of architectures Slide presentation and article: "The Architecture Tradeoff Analysis Method (ATAM)"
T-SAP: Student article presentation & discussion 3. SAP Article 3.

Week Plan 38 (#4)

M-L1: POSA2: Proactor Pattern POSA2: page 215-260
M-L2: POSA2: Asynchronous Completion Token (ACT) Pattern POSA2: page 261-284
M-T3: Exercises & preparation.
Finalizing exercise 1-3 + start on
exercise 4: Acceptor/connector pattern.
Deadline for hand-in:  
Sunday 21th of September, 23.59.
T-L3: Distributed System Patterns and Communication Framework: Remote Proxy, Broker, Half Object Plus Protocol (HOPP) and Data Transfer Object (DTO) patterns Slide presentation.
T-SAP: Student article presentation & discussion 4. SAP Article 4.

Week Plan 39 (#5)

M-L1: POSA2: Half synch / Half asynch pattern POSA2: page 423-446
M-L2: POSA2: Leader/Follower pattern POSA2: page 447-474
M-T3: Exercises & preparation.
Finalzing exercise 4: Acceptor/connector pattern.
T-L3: Pattern Language for framework development (the ACE framework) Articles: “An Architectural Overview of the ACE Framework” &
Applying a Pattern Language to Develop Extensible ORB Middleware
T-SAP: Student article presentation & discussion 5. SAP Article 5.

Week Plan 40 (#6)

M-L1: POSA2: Interceptor pattern POSA2: page 109-140
M-L2: POSA2: Extension Interface Pattern POSA2: page 141-174
M-T3: Exercises & preparation.
Exercise 5: A multithreaded server
T-L3: JAWS Framework based on POSA2 patterns Article: “JAWS: A Framework for High-performanceWeb Servers"
T-SAP: Student article presentation & discussion 6. SAP Article 6.

Week Plan 41

M-L1: POSA2: Component Configurator POSA2: page 75-108
M-SAP: Student article presentation & discussion 7. SAP Article 7.
M-Presentation of an Industrial Case Study by Mjølner Informatics and discussion in relation to other techniques. Mjølner Informatic
M: Course summary, presentation of examination questions and
Course evaluation
T-T3: Finalization of exercises and preparation for examination

T-T3: Finalization of exercises and preparation for examination Deadline for final hand-in:
Sunday 12th of October, 23.59.