Project: Image compression in TelosB

Load a image file from PC to a TelosB mote via USB. The image is of size 256X256 and each pixel has 8 bits. Make a simple compression operation of the image. Transmit the compressed image to the sink. The sink reconstructs the image. Then apply an available advanced wavelet compression algorithm function to compress the image

  • Student: Bjarke Møholt & Niels Holm Rasmussen
  • Student: Martin Ehlers Kobberø

Project: Fine-grained Link behavior study in Body Senor Network

RSSI measurement with different body movements. Let node_0 at the left waist broadcast packets to the other nodes at -25dBm. Select a right channel of 802.15.4, at time interval 10ms or 20ms (as short as possible). Log the data for at least 3 mins (as long as possible). Under different conditions: Different body movements, e.g. Standing, Walking, Running. Different packet size: One with minimum payload, one with maximum allowed payload. Analyze the packet loss burst length and analyze the connection length.

  • Student: Michael Alrøe

Project: A survey on neighbor discovery schemes in sensor networks

  • Student: Ecaterina Tatiana Marcussen