Lecture plan

28/10/11 BAN overview and Link behavior of BAN Lecture1_1.pdf Lecture1_2.pdf
01/11/11 BAN topology and BodyQoS Lecture2_1.pdf Lecture2_2.pdf
04/11/11 Time synchronization Lecture3.pdf
08/11/11 Topology control Lecture4.pdf
11/11/11 Project work
15/11/11 Paper summary presentation
18/11/11 Localization + Data dissemination deluge Lecture5_1.pdf Lecture5_2.pdf
22/11/11 Sensor Storage management Lecture6.pdf
25/11/11 Underwater sensor networks Lecture7.pdf
29/11/11 Wireless underground sensor networks Lecture8.pdf
02/12/11 Paper summary presentation
06/12/11 Project work
09/12/11 Project work
13/12/11 Application cases of WSN on agriculture +Paper summary presentation Lecture9.pdf