tiaaic Advanced Analog Integrated CircuitsQiang Li

tiademAdvanced Embedded Sensor NetworksQi Zhang

tiadpeAdvanced Pervasive ComputingChristian Fischer Pedersen
Stefan Wagner

tiadsiAdvanced Digital Signal ProcessingJakob Juul Larsen


tiardiArchitecture and Design of Distributed Dependable SystemsFinn Overgaard Hansen

tiaremArchitecture and Design of Embedded Real-Time SystemsFinn Overgaard Hansen

ticaic CMOS Analog Integrated CircuitsQiang Li

ticovi Computer VisionHenrik Pedersen

tienprau Engineering Research and Development ProjectsHenrik Karstoft

tienprbu Engineering Research and Development ProjectsHenrik Karstoft

tihsc Hardware/software Co-design of Embedded SystemsKim Bjerge

tiincoInformation Theory and CodingQi Zhang

tiipwiIP-based Wireless Communication and Internet of ThingsRune Hylsberg Jacobsen

tilpic Low Power Integrated Circuit DesignFarshad Moradi

timicoMiddleware and Communication Protocols for Dependable SystemsChristian Fischer Pedersen
Finn Overgaard Hansen

timomi Modeling of Mission Critical SystemsPeter Gorm Larsen

tinonsNon-linear Signal Processing and Pattern RecognitionPeter Ahrendt

tiopti Opitimization in Physical and ICT SystemsHenrik Karstoft

tipackages Description of Specialization packagesHenrik Karstoft

tiplp Programming Language ParadigmsJoey W. Coleman
Stefan Hallerstede

tisgrau01ECE Reading CoursesHenrik Karstoft

tisoep Software Engineering PrinciplesStefan Hallerstede

tispec Engineering Thesis ProjectsHenrik Karstoft

tispit Specification of IT SystemsPeter Gorm Larsen

tisyeSystems EngineeringRune Hylsberg Jacobsen

titediTest of Distributed SystemsSteen Krøyer
Stefan Hallerstede

tiwscs Wearable/Implantable Biomedical Sensors, Circuits and SystemsPreben Kidmose

tiwsne Wireless Sensor Networks and ElectronicsJens Kargaard Madsen Qi Zhang